Make A Difference


First Impressions

Be the first to greet our guests when they first arrive, answer any questions, guide them to the best seats in the house, and follow up with our guests after a Sunday experience.

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Create an environment in which people can easily engage with God during the worship experience. Operate cameras, lights, sound, and screens to help support the Word being presented on stage.

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SCI Music

Join our team of musicians who weekly come together to create an environment that helps people freely experience and express God's greatness.

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The Connect

There are 168 hours of the week, and we're only together for about three of those hours. Help our church maximize the remaining 165 hours by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, photography, and videography. Develop graphics for posts, advertisements for upcoming events, video announcements, and strategies that create awareness for our church and connect us to the local and global community.

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Next Generation

Shape the next generation by helping kids build their faith in Christ through engaging, Bible-based lessons, group activities, and exciting gatherings outside the traditional church setting.

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For more information about getting involved and volunteering your time and talents for God, fill out this form, and a team member will get back with you soon!

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